Tropical Weather Observations, Analysis, and Prediction

rosenstiel school
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Research conducted under this theme will address NOAA’s research and development needs spanning from observations through model improvements. It will result in:

  • Collection and analysis of observations of hurricanes and other tropical weather systems, including the evaluation and use of new techniques and tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • Identifying observational needs, developing and testing instrumentation, and obtaining observations through a number of means, including the use of unmanned systems;
  • Studying the optimum configurations for observation networks; predictive modeling and data assimilation of tropical weather systems, with an emphasis on extreme weather systems such as hurricanes and tropical depressions;
  • Expediting and facilitating the transition of research to operations to meet the needs of NOAA’s operational line offices; and
  • Developing analysis and forecasting applications for operations, leading towards integrated earth system modeling