Emmanuel Palma, CIMAS Intern



My Name is Emmanuel Palma I am an aerospace engineering student with previous experience completing research on the topic of deterministic chaotic behavior in solar radio bursts. My Hobbies include Jogging, hiking, 3D printing, and video games. I am currently working on my bachelor’s and want to eventually obtain a masters or PhD with the ultimate goal of going to outer space. My previous mentor, Dr. Mendez at Miami Dade College – Padron Campus, instilled in me the importance of learning from various fields of study to broaden ones understanding of the world and in turn become a mentor to the next generation of scientists. I’m doing my CIMAS internship on rising Sea Surface Temperature and its effect on manatees, their food sources, and their environment. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and work with my mentors Dr. Ruben van Hooidonk and Dr. Tiago Bilo, as well as the invaluable experiences they’ve provided with python data analysis. Once my internship is complete, I will begin the process of moving to Orlando as I will be attending UCF in the aerospace engineering program.