Completing a Qiime2 Pipeline

Completing a Qiime2 Pipeline


Nicholas J. MacKnight

I have been a NOAA postdoctoral Associate for one year. My research focus is in microbial ecology and the gene expression of coral. I understand the concepts are brand new and my goal is to assume nothing is previously known and bring the students to a point where they feel genuinely independent and confident in their skills once they leave the program.



Brief description:

This is a microbial ecology computer-focused (bioinformatics) project that involves taking bacterial sequence data (16S) from Pacific coral to a point where it is ready for statistical analysis. The project will be conducted on a computer in command-line based coding. No previous coding or microbial ecology experience required. Looking for a student with a curiosity to develop widely respected and in demand scales in data analysis, computational biology, and microbial ecology.