Prospective Mentees

Mentee Guidelines

  1. Take a proactive role in shaping the relationship.

  2. Understand what you want from the mentoring relationship and communicate your goals and aspirations to your mentor. Balance a personal and professional relationship with your mentor.

  3. Set aside time for the mentoring process and keep all scheduled appointments with your mentor. Avoid canceling last-minute.

  4. Come to meetings prepared with planned topics.

  5. Respond in a timely manner to your mentor's feedback. Respond to emails from your mentor at most two days after receipt.

  6. Be open and honest with your mentor about your challenges and areas of weakness. 

  7. If something concerning the mentor needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship.

  8. Have a purpose in each request.

  9. Understand that mentors will not be able to provide mentoring on all areas of interest.

  10. Respect your mentor’s voluntary time commitment.

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