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Christian Jonathan Saiz started working at CIMAS as an Electrical Engineer in July 2019 and became the new CIMAS-AOML liaison in August 2021. He obtained his Electrical Engineer undergraduate degree in 2018 from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional (UTN), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Christian works for the Physical Oceanography Division (PhOD) at the AOML’s instrumentation group where he provides technical and scientific support to the Hurricane gliders and XBT Network projects. Christian does this by collecting temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen profiles up to 1000 m in the Caribbean Sea and Tropical North Atlantic with Unmanned Underwater Vehicles which help improve hurricane intensity forecasts. He also provides his support by collecting temperature profiles up to 1000 m with XBT (eXpendable BathyThermograph) probes deployed from research and commercial vessels along key transects of the Atlantic Ocean, which provide one of the longest time series used to monitor ocean properties. Recently, he started supporting the Western Boundary Times Series Project, monitoring volume transport and seawater properties of the western boundary currents in the subtropical North Atlantic.

 Christian was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina where his family is originally from. During his graduation from UTN in 2018, Christian was awarded for obtaining the highest grade of his class. Prior to moving to Miami in 2019, Christian worked 6 years for the local Electric Power Distribution Company as a Medium Voltage Network Analyst. Christian has always been interested in finding out “how things worked”. As a child, he loved to read National Geographic magazines, work on cars and small fixed-wing aircraft modeling with his grandfather who in fact has won several South American championships with his “JM-34” design.

Published October 07, 2021

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