Florida International University

The five strategic themes which guide the University’s development are International, Environment, Urban, Health, and Information. The Environment Strategic Theme is the most directly relevant to NOAA.

One of the major steps in meeting the goal set forth in the environmental strategic theme was the recent creation of the School of Environment and Society (SEAS.  The SEAS is based at the Biscayne Bay Campus but encompasses programs and environmentally-oriented faculty across the university.   The School includes the Marine Science Program, the newly consolidated Department of Earth& Environment, and centers focused on environmental issues including Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) which has a long-term collaborative relationship with CIMAS with respect to Everglades Restoration.   Other highly NOAA-relevant elements at FIU include the International Hurricane Center (with its Wall of Wind) a leader in studying of Tropical Cyclones’ human and economic impacts and the FIU/Applied Research Center.