Nova Southeastern University

The mission of the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (NSUOC) is to carry out innovative, basic, and applied research and to provide high-quality graduate and undergraduate education in a broad range of marine science and related disciplines. The Center also serves as a community resource for information, research, and education on oceanographic and environmental issues. The Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is an internationally recognized leader in several marine research disciplines, including coral reef ecosystems via its largest research component, the National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI), and marine conservation with a focus on fishes via its Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI) and Save Our Seas Shark Center (SOS SC).

NSUOC, NCRI and GHRI have a special, long-term cooperative relationship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), including a strong record of research that has produced significant data, publications, and management applications.

The new Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystem Research (CoE CRES) building at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, only 21 miles north of UM RSMAS and AOML/NMFS, will provide an 86,000-square-foot Research Facility to house local, national and international coral reef-related research activities. The research facility will support five main focus areas for coral reef research: 1) impacts of climate, fisheries, and pollution on coral reef ecosystems; 2) marine spatial planning, geospatial analysis, and mapping; 3) deep-sea coral reefs and biodiversity; 4) molecular biology and conservation genetics as applied to coral reefs, including reef connectivity and biodiversity assessment; and 5) the impact of ocean and coastal hydrodynamics on coral reefs. The CoE CRES will house the NCRI, GHRI and SOS SC.